JitsiMeetView Fragment does not resume call

I have an Android application, which has one (main) activity with multiple fragments, one of which has an embedded JitsiMeetView. I am able to connect to calls just fine, but when I switch the view to a different frame and come back, the JitsiMeetView fragment just goes dark, and I cannot ‘resume’ the call. I’ve tried to ‘forceLayout’ the view (as well as the encompassing view) to force the component to redraw, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried to use the JitsiMeetActivityDelete to ‘onHostResume’ when the fragment that contains the JitsiMeetView is re-activated, but that doesn’t work either.

One option I have is to dispose of the original view, and then create a new JitsiMeetView and rejoin the same call as before, but I dont want that - I want the call to stay active in the background as I do other activities and come back to it.

Do you have any suggestions how I can do that?

See how JitsiMeetActivity and JitsiMeetView are wired and replicate the same in your app.