JitsiMeetView did not provide setting options to change audio device


I am developing a JitsiMeet Cordova plugin to support JitsiMeet video Conference in Cordova based mobile application like Ionic, Framework7 or Onsen.

Everything is working fine but there is no option to change the audio from earpiece to loudspeaker on audio call.
Is it possible to show JItsiMeetView like Jitsi mobile application? Because it is different in my app. There are no setting options in my app. Check below screenShots:-
My jitsi App:-


Please help me how it is possible.

Kind regards,

Naveen Saini

@saghul can you please help me to resolve these issues.

You seem to be using a really really old version of the Jitsi Meet SDK. We have added audio device change support a long time ago, you need to update the SDK in your plugin.

Thanks @saghul let me check once and come back to you.
Thanks again