JitsiMeetView class missing Methods Android



I use this link to advance https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/tree/master/android

I use the class JitsiMeetView as mentioned on the documentation except that I do not find at all the methods mentioned in the doc like (view.join (option), leave (), …)

does that mean I’m using an older version or what exactly?

even for the page to access the room I use .loadURL (url)

here is my code

the import is : `import org.jitsi.meet.sdk.JitsiMeetView;



We just updated the SDK to a new API which is not released yet. You can check the old docs here:


Ok thank’s , but it’s has a bug

when you disable camera it’s OK , but if you enable just after (the app Crash)

if the Android device create the room , there is no problem with enable/disable camera , but if the interface web create a room so if we desable and enable camera, the app crash


Can you please paste the logcat output for the crash?


Of corse :

if we create a room from the Android Device, there is no problem if we enable/disable the camera during the call

But if the web Interface create the room , So if the android device disable/enable camera ->

the app crash
here is the logout :


Looks like a problem with your device’s hardware encoder. What device and Android version is that? Can you test your app on a different device?


Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) , Android version : 7.0

you right, in other device i d’ont have this problem (i tested it now)

But we can do anything for this ?


Unfortunately no, currently HW acceleration is enabled for all devices and if they have a broken implementation then the whole thing will break.


thank’s for your help, i use my server

if i wanna to remove this option from the code server ? (i mean autoriz users to enable and disable the camera )

we can remove this from code JS of server ?


You mean to diallow camera usageon Android devices? You are going to need to modify the SDK and rebuild it, since that’s not configurable.


i mean i wanna to autoriz the camera when i enter to the room, and remove the option enable/disable camera (the camera must be enable all time )


On mobile all that logic is bundled in the app, so you’ll need to modify the code and rebuild it.


so i should to Build and use my own SDK artifacts/binaries, and not import with gradle ?


Yes, you need to do that because the change you require cannot be done via configuration, you’ll need to do it in the code.


thank’s a lot , i will keep you posted