JitsiMeet new version 2.0.7882 not working iOS ver 22.7 app

Dir JitsiMeet management team

Since iOS app version 22.7 was launched
JItsiMeet PC video is no longer displayed on the JItsimeet server.

Is this an iOS version 22.7 app bug?

Recently iOS app is frequently updated and the server becomes unavailable.
Things are happening a lot. When updating the iOS app, also on the old server.


Please share your server’s config.js.

Dear saghul

Thank you for your reply.

After setting the server as follows, the issue was resolved.

// Feature Flags.
flags: {
// Enables source names in the signaling.
sourceNameSignaling: true,

// Enables sending multiple video streams, i.e., camera and desktop tracks can be shared in the conference
// separately as two different streams instead of one composite stream.
sendMultipleVideoStreams: true,

// Signal that this client supports receiving multiple video streams. Without this flag jicofo will enable
// multi-stream backward compatibility.
receiveMultipleVideoStreams: true,


Thank you very much.


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