JitsiMeet crashes after 30minutes or user join

Hello everybody,

after the installation that we have from here: https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/install-jitsi-meet-ubuntu-20-04
Which we have installed on a VM host (with 8 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM) we struggle with connection interruptions.
We had several tests where it was possible to hold a meeting with 6 colleagues over 3 hours.
Sometimes, however, meetings with 4 colleagues of 30 minutes each broke off.
A meeting with 16 colleagues over 30 minutes was also not possible.
The server just crashes completely. Sometimes it even kills the entire VM host.
Sometimes because someone is trying to join the meeting and sometimes just after 30 minutes.
In my opinion, the server cannot have too little performance, the load is always okay.

What we’ve already tried is this:

  • The maximum number of packets running via the VM host increased
    (Even if in my opinion it’s not the VM host)
  • changed JVB_OPTS = “–– apis = xmpp, rest” to JVB_OPTS = “- apis = xmpp, rest”
    (Room crashed when somebody joined)
  • changed DefaultLimitNOFILE to 65000
    DefaultLimitNPROC to 65000
    DefaultTasksMax to 65000

Please help us!

Thank you!
best regards