JitsiMeet app on Android 11 doesn't send access request to moderator in waiting state

With Android 11 update a problem happens on JitsiMeet app used in our self-hosted JitsiMeet platform. We have a deployment with waiting room, secure domain and token for moderator enabled. So if a guest (without token) enters to a room before moderator it goes to a waiting state for moderator access. When moderator enters to room, waiting room is automatically enabled and moderator should see guest request to access. This works for guest on web-client or with app until Android 10, but it doesn’t more work for waiting guest with app on Android 11.
Is there a new version of app next to be released in order to be fully compatible with Android 11?
Thanks for all your great efforts!

Also if waiting room is disabled, the problem is still present: waiting guest doesn’t enter to room after moderator access.

If guest enters to room when moderator is already in conference, this correctly works also with app on Android 11.