JitsiIOS-App not fully accessible with the Screenreader VoiceOver

Hello Jitsi-Team,

I write you because I’m blind and have some issues with the Jitsi-App on my iPhone 12. I activated VoiceOver, the included Screenreader from Apple. This App reads all informations at the Display.

In the Jitsi App some dialogboxes are not accessible. For example if I would like to start a meeting and have to authenticate me, i Can’T click the Button OK to enter my user credentials . VoiceOver doesn’t locate the cancel or ok as buttons. Its detectet as Text only.

The second point: if I click the More Conference settings butten, the Menue close after some seconds. Is it possible to define it to be opened and close manualy. Config at the server is no Problem via ssh.

I hope you understand this problems and can fix the smal Problems. All other is realy fine and I installed my own jitsi-Server on Ubuntu. The system works great.