JitsiExams Product

Disclaimer, I know nothing about Jitsi, but I saw that it is open source and though if someone wants to take this and run with it… they should. I have no idea how difficult it would be transform Jitsi into JitsiExams.

As I type this, I am proctoring a university level final exam remotely using Google Meet. There are some things that are not ideal for this application:

  1. I cannot un-mute a student to see if they are talking.
  2. If a student talks, all other students hear.
  3. I cannot see all students simultaneously. The best I can do is see one giant feed (the last one to say something) and 10 smaller feeds on the side. It would be great if I could just tile them all simultaneously.
  4. A standard feature in most conferencing apps is private chats, but Google Meet does not have it. All chats are public to al students.
  5. If I enable a whiteboard, I can no longer see my students.
  6. I sent a personalized exam to each student using Google Drive.
  7. Students can see each other, which might be distracting.

It seems like there could be a good application for Jitsi if a number of these issues can be addressed.

  1. Person proctoring (the proctorer?) can un-mute a particular student so only they (not all other students) can hear him. Of course, a discrete notification should be sent to the student to let them know.
  2. If a student un-mutes themselves to ask a question, only the proctorer can hear.
  3. By default, all student feeds are visible to the proctorer. The resolution of the feeds does not have to be high since the tiles will be likely small.
  4. All text chats are private between proctorer and student.
  5. By default, a whiteboard is available but using it does not hide the video feeds
  6. This one is not a big deal, but I could share a separate exam to each student simultaneously… That would be awesome…
  7. Students cannot see each other, by default they would see the exam and the whiteboard.

Anyways… just an idea… Hope everyone is well!

I like your ideas. They could also be used in a similar way, for live coaching sessions for example.

  • participants see only the coach stream (audio + video)
  • instructor can see all streams, so he can improve and react on participant behavior (home sports sessions in this case)