JItsi Zabbix Stats and Monitoring

We’re using your Jitsi Meet stack to handle videoconfernces in our Company. I discovered that there is not present a Monitoring Template in Zabbix, most popular Monitoring Tools. I’ve impelmated an simple zabbix jitsi template by using Colibri Stats. If you want them, please check it out:

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Hey Marcin, thanks for this! Awesome template!

I have tried to implant this on my Zabbix server, but I have a problem which I’m not able to figure.
The items on the template give me this error when linked to a host.

Do you have any idea?


Hi, thanks.

What is your Zabbix Server version?
Have you tried make copy and try to import without this item?

And of course, have you enable colibri stats in videobridge? can you access to stats by curl on videobridge machine?

I’m having the exact same issue, maybe I can help debug this?

It seems like Zabbix is receiving a html tag, and not JSON data. Through curl on the localhost, I can confirm that I’m getting JSON data.

I turned up debugging on my Zabbix agent on the Jitsi server and this is some relevant output:

Ok, solved the issue. There / should not be in front of /colibri, changed that in the zabbix item config and all is well now.

Thank you!!!removing that “/” solved the problem