Jitsi Youtube 1080p

what should i edit in xorg-video-dummy.conf?

Check out online how to configure xorg, as current configuration is to run with 720p desktop resolution and change it to run in 1080p.

This is the home folder of jibri source code.

do I edit this line ?


where do i edit the file? which file?

  1. Clone the Jibri code
  2. Edit the line damyan mentioned above: https://github.com/jitsi/jibri/blob/7d5be64990fd010e8ea2fe39ebc182b35c54e282/src/main/kotlin/org/jitsi/jibri/capture/ffmpeg/FfmpegCapturer.kt#L41. This file (FfmpegCapturer.kt) will be in your Jibri checkout.
  3. Go to the Jibri main dir (where pom.xml is located) and run mvn clean package
  4. This will create a jar file in the target directory. Put this jar in /opt/jitsi/jibri on the machine where you installed Jibri.
  5. Edit the xorg file as damyan mentioned above.
  6. Restart Jibri

how do i clone it?

i am totally new.

These are not questions for this forum, there are a ton of documents explaining questions like this, the first result when searching for it in google: Cloning a repository - GitHub Docs

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i have cloned the jibri code, built the jar file and put the jar file in /etc/jitsi/jibri where i have installed jibri.

this is the jar file which i got after building


jibri_build_jar jibri_build

is this correct?

i have put the jar file in /etc/jitsi/jibri where i have installed jibri.


Rename it to replace original file named jibri.jar.

there is no such existing file called jibri.jar in the jibri installation directory in the server.


please see screenshot above.

where do i find jibri.rar in the server where jibri is installed?

Jibri is installed in /opt, /etc is for the config.

there are two jar files. which one should i replace?

what should i edit there?

you should use the with-dependencies one.

Make it 1080p resolution. comment 720 and uncomment 1080.

which line?