Jitsi working with chrome but not firefox or android

I found people observing the opposite.
I installed jitsi with a helm chart in a kubernetes cluster using a turnserver.
it works fine in chrome.
however, firefox does start opening a JingleSessionPC but then it does not open
" WebRTC: ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details"
which is weird beause the stun config works in chrome.
I cannot find a cause for the failed pairing on firefox.
webrtc.log (193.3 KB)

the chrome webrtc looks fine:
https://myserver.net/xxxx, { iceServers: , iceTransportPolicy: all, bundlePolicy: max-bundle, rtcpMuxPolicy: require, iceCandidatePoolSize: 0, sdpSemantics: “plan-b” }, {advanced: [{googHighStartBitrate: {exact: 0}}, {googPayloadPadding: {exact: true}}, {googScreencastMinBitrate: {exact: 100}}, {googCpuOveruseDetection: {exact: true}}, {googCpuOveruseEncodeUsage: {exact: true}}, {googCpuUnderuseThreshold: {exact: 55}}, {googCpuOveruseThreshold: {exact: 85}}]}