Jitsi working on lan ip but not on sub domain redirect

I have installed and confirgured jitsi as mentioned in https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md. used private ip in jitsi hostname… All is working fine when in LAN. but when i use the sub domain name i get not found in https mode. but i can see nginx welcome page in http mode. Also i like to mention i install in ubunti 18.04 vm in synology and used reverse proxy to redirect sub domain to local ip. http <sub.domain.name> :80 to http local ip:80 and https <sub.domain.name>:443 to https local ip:443. i have a static public ip. i have also created a lets encrypt cerficate for the jitsi vm in synology certificates.

“During the installation, you will be asked to enter the hostname of the Jitsi Meet instance. If you have a FQDN for the instance already set up in DNS, enter it there. If you don’t have a resolvable hostname, you can enter the IP address of the machine (if it is static or doesn’t change)”

If you entered an IP when asked to enter the hostname, I believe that will potentially be an issue when attempting to use SSL with a FQDN (or sub.domain.name).

Edit: does your nginx config for port 443 have the FQDN as well as the certs that match that specific FQDN?

Thanks a lot. i read your reply but wasn’t sure about nginx because i didn’t installed nginx service. but after looking at nginx conf in sites-available i found the https port was different from default 443. and after changing my reverse proxy configuration to point to nginx port the sub.domain.name started pointing to the vm with ssl handled by synology. thanks a lot.

In my setup I had to change one other file when using a nonstandard SSL port (4443).

This might not be necessary for your situation:

in meet’s FQDN-config.js

bosh: ‘//FQDN:4443/http-bind’,

I found the https port 4444 in nginx configuration. I just changed the destination port from 443 to 4444 in my syno reverse proxy and voila!! It worked like a charm…

when I configure proxy pass to :4444, it works but I can’t see video and sound, but when I change proxy pass to :443 it show 502 bad gateway.