Jitsi without React folder?


One question, I’m so noob with Jitsi and looking for some new functionalities. And, in some thread I read for a “React” folder. But, in my Jitsi (in a self-hosted server with Ubuntu) I don’t see any React folder in /usr/share or similar.

So, it’s normal? Where is that folder?

Sorry the question…


For example, I’m looking for remove the warning icon of the room and I found this page what talking about ‘react’, but, as I said, in my self-hosted Jitsi doesn’t exist the react folder…


it’s normal react folder exists only in the development environment, then it’s built and the result is ‘baked’ into the min.js files that you don’t edit directly unless you are slightly insane.
If you don’t know what is react don’t look at the tutorials mentioning it unless you are willing to invest a serious time to learn stuff.
There are less powerful but way easier ways to customize Jitsi-meet such as editing the config files or passing parameters to urls. You still need to do a bit of learning by yourself though.

Hello gpatel-fr

All right, I thought that I could change the same that I look at the commits or pull requests. Well, I will investigate the config files to make changes.