Jitsi without DNS and Security Certificate

Is it possible to configure a Jitsi server in Ubuntu without a DNS (Domain Name Server) and a Security Certificate? i. e. only with the IP address? How can I do it? Thank you

Just install and use the ip-addres instead of DNS, default install is with self-signed certs, you will not be able to use it with mobile clients, just web.

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Ok, thank you. Can you help me with another problem? I made the default installation but when try to run, the jitsi meet starts to refresh. This is the log web page’s console log

There is no focus, check jicofo logs.

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Thank you for you reply. We checked the logs files and achieved to run the Jitsi Meet, although the video and audio don’t work. I had reading about the problem, but, I have the configuration for a NAT. I can’t find the problem. Could you help me?