Jitsi with self signed certificate

After long time research still we couldn’t find any strong reason that why jitsi not working with self signed certificate.
Any guide would be appreciated.

What is not working? Mobile requires valid certificates. Web works with self-signed.

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When we connect android jitsi app with our own local server can not connect and the error is

We use self signed certificate and in web working fine but in android app not working

Mobile cannot work with self-signed. A valid certificate with full chain is a requirement for mobile.


Can you tell me what is the main reason that not working with self signed certificate?
Is it possible to manipulate android jitsi sdk?
Do you have any plan to accept self signed certificate in the next version of jitsi?

This is not from our sdk it is something more deeper in some of the dependencies, but I don’t have the details. I remember Saul shared it somewhere in the forum at some point.

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You can try installing the certificates on the devices that will use to connect to the deployment. And LE certificates are free.

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Thanks a lot from your reply.

What is alternative of jitsi to work in local network with android?

Did you try this

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Yes we do it but we want to use it in our android with jitsi app

Well the tutorial is supposed to do that. I did not try it myself since I have no interest in self-signed certificates but I thought it could help, if you don’t want to try, so be it.

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We already try with self signed but still we couldn’t find any solution.

I think you should not expect much energy (if at all) to be spent on Android support for self-signed certificates, it’s a very marginal need and clearly Jitsi efforts are focused on other things.

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I have the same problem. Have you solved it?