Jitsi with high number of participants

setReceiverConstraints doesn’t appear to be working for me. Is it working for others?

I am also developing a custom UI using lib-jitsi-meet and would like to be able to specify what resolutions to receive. By default the video streams are received at 180p. Previously, if I used myJitsiRoom.selectParticipant(participantId) then I received that stream at 720p. However, if I then select another participant then I receive both at 720p. I only need the newly selected participant at high resolution.

I have the latest server (from sudo apt install jitsi-meet) installed (2.0.5390-3 I believe) and the latest version of lib-jitsi-meet (tagged: jitsi-meet_5729) and I have enabled the useNewBandwidthAllocationStrategy in the initJitsiConference options.

I have tried using the following (which I thought would give the same result as myJitsiRoom.selectParticipant(participantId)):

  "colibriClass": "ReceiverVideoConstraints",
  "onStageEndpoints": [participantId],
  "selectedEndpoints": [participantId],
  "defaultConstraints": { "maxHeight":  180 },
  "constraints": {
    [participantId]: { "maxHeight": 720 }

…but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

When using the useNewBandwidthAllocationStrategy myJitsiRoom.selectParticipant(participantId) doesn’t work anymore, presumably because that method doesn’t use the new format or something.

Many thanks for any insight on this.

I don’t think the new bandwidth allocation is available in 5390-3, it’s generally a good idea to use a set of matching versions for all of server, frontend, and lib-jitsi-meet. Maybe you can install the unstable release and pick the corresponding lib-jitsi-meet version.

Also, if this is a verbatim copy of your code: the participantId in the constraints should be a key itself (not an array, i.e., no brackets needed there)

Ah OK, thanks. I will have to find out how to install more recent version of the server (plus jicofo etc).

The participantId is used as a key in that code. The square brackets are just the syntax for using a variable as an object key.

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Hi @jallamsetty,

Do we need to implement anything if we use original jitsi-meet frontend? I see that those messages added to lib-jitsi-meet and jvb. Does any implementation required to manage high participant number on original jitsi-meet frontend?

I think, receiving stream from only visible participant would be great. Does your plan is so?

Thank you.

Yes, we are working on that.

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