Jitsi with high number of participants


I am using Jitsi software and I want to be able to host a conference with more than 100 users. Currently, I already set up multiple JVB’s, enabled Octo, and successfully distribute all traffic to multiple servers for a single conference. For our use case, we need to support more than 100 users with video. This conference will have one main speaker but randomly, it’s possible for another user to open video/audio and answer to the main speaker. I tried configurations like channelLastN but that’s not exactly what we want since it disables video based on activity. We are trying to implement pagination for the conference and only get the video/audio streams of the users for the active pagination page. Is there any easy way to implement/support this on JVB part? If we can only receive the video of users on the active pagination page, it will be easier for us to support more users I think.


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Not sure actually, @bbaldino is this supported at the moment? Can you request video for A, B and C and say no video for D, E, F or the rest …

No, not right now. We have some work we want to do here to make this possible, though. No timeline yet.

Thank you for your response. We kinda need this as soon as possible. Do you know someone that can help us develop these kinds of features or maybe help us to optimize our setup as a consultant?

Thanks for your work on this. This would give you an amazing amount of control to give the possible experience to the viewers. You all do an amazing job!!

@bbaldino Thank you for the information. We have a custom UI with lib-jitsi-meet where we are using setLastN in combination with selectParticipants in order to select specific feeds (according to who is visible on the screen, in order to do pagination via scrolling, more info in Being able to select remote participants for high res and participants for setLastN separately).

We noticed that some times, even if we the mentioned lib-jitsi-meet API calls, some participants cannot see other participants that should be visible. We believe it is related to Last N being changed with speaker audio activity, or because we are changing last N and select participants multiple times during the conference. Is that related to your comment? Will it be possible to do this in the future?

Thank you very much in advance we really appreciate and admire the work that you do in Jitsi development.

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