Jitsi with custom UI

I am trying to find information around using Jitsi features with a custom UI, We are working on building a complete new UI in react and invoke the jitsi features behind the scenes. While reading the forums i understood that there are libraries associated to each features. Can someone tell me how these libraries / api/ functions can be leveraged with custom UI, What are the prerequisites and how do i go about invoking the underlying api for these features. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help

Can you be more specific about what is it that you want to customize? You can get the latest code from the repository, edit it, make it and host it just like that.

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I am trying to set up Jitsi on EC2 and have same challenges.

This is what i did so far. I took the latest from the github repository and did npm install and ran makedev after customization. Able to successfully launch the localhost.

I want move my changes to EC2.


  1. Unable to make a build. The build that was generated by webpack -p does not give all the files. Also i would like to know what package / dependency should be moved to make it work in EC2.
  2. How do i remove the dependencies to alpha.jitsi.net and host everything on my own servers?

Appreciate any help.