Jitsi with 2+ users consumes huge amount of client CPU and disk - machine is heating up - plz help!

Hi All,

We are a talent platform and use jitsi for our video interviewing. The issue we are facing is with just two people on a video call screen sharing - the Client CPU usage is 40% to 50% and disk is at 3.67gb. Hence the machine is heating up really fast.

Please advise how we do we fix this issue in jitsi or should we move to BBB (BigBlueButton).

Look forward to your suggestions.

Best / Linda
Email : linda@headway.ai

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If you mean that the problem is not experienced with three or more users in the call, then the issue might be with the way the device handles P2P (peer to peer) mode. You can confirm this by disabling P2P in the call, using the following configuration parameter in your URL:


So the link to the meeting will look like this:


This will disable P2P connections, and likely reduce resource consumption.

Hope that helps.

I meant 2+ users…its the same issue we are facing. How do we solve for it?

are you hosting your own server OR using meet.jit.si?

just run the tests here


maybe its your machine thats having a problem. can you post the specs for machine you’re using?

we are hosting it in aws server - 4gb 2 core. We have used jitsi video on all machines - windows, mac air, mac pro…same issue.

you may have to increase the instance size. please try “large” instance…

also please test on the link i gave you and let me know if you face the same issue?

the video bandwidth test isnt complete., please post after thats done

this issue is a client side cpu issue…for that if we increase our aws server will it help?

our developers did some tests today -
today we were checking, and found out that it is using udp, then we checked performance cpu & ram of client side, by turning video, sound on and off, we noticed video and sound are the things which was taking cpu for drawing on screen
also we compared it with google meet, uberconference and noticed exact same behavior, so thing is that browser consume cpu for drawing on the screen as it didn’t use opengl or similar kind of technology to render…is this analysis correct?

its a possibility. you can try.

try doing a test on https://meet.jit.si & see if you get the same issue

what browser are you using?

What are the clients using ?

I’ve never seen this behavior, except on desktops with bad ventilation - even then, not at 50% CPU use.

This is possibly a server configuration issue. How did you install ?

The quick install instructions are good for up to 10-15 people on a single server with 4GB, possibly more with some optimizations.


these are the readings using https://meet.jit.si/
my colleague who joined the call said it reached 150%

I’m unable to reply on this - some jitsi new user limit on this forum. Please text me on skype *** or whatsapp @ +91 *** or email - linda@**** Please don’t post personal information.
Would love to have you solve this for us.

you noted the issue persists with https://meet.jit.si/

Can you please provide complete information as requested. The exact version number would be useful here.

I don’t know about macOS nor can I verify how it reports processes CPU info but it seems odd the full URL is shown instead of “Chrome” as expected.

You could try using Firefox or the Electron app, but this seems related to your client’s setup.

we don’t use electron…its directly on the browser
Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)
dd31f0aff0 this is jitsi version number
these details are for my laptop - 55% CPU usage on jitsi meet and our jitsi