Jitsi Windows client not maintained anymore?


I noticed that the latest Windows client is from 2017. Is it still maintained?

Thanks in advance!


Probably you are talking about the Jitsi Desktop Legacy client (https://desktop.jitsi.org), that one is left to the community and contributions from users. Currently, there are two contributors working on when time permits … so it is there but it is not the main focus of the jitsi team for years now.

If you want to test the latest versions you can find them here: Releases · jitsi/jitsi · GitHub

Hi damencho,

thank you very much for your response.

Yes I am referring to the client jitsi-2.10.5550-x64.exe . Thanks for providing the link to the version at Github. I’ll check this out.

I was already searching an alternative IM which can be operated with the Jitsi server. Are there recommendations for specific IMs (Miranda, Trillian or another XMPP capable IM) to be operated with Jitsi?


What does this mean? What do you mean by Jitsi server?

Are you talking here about video conferencing? If this is the case, you don’t need a client, you just need a browser.

The server running Jitsi.

We want to evaluate if Jitsi also serves as IM host. Therefore we would have to bind a Windows desktop IM client to the IM host. IM by web browser is no fun.

For Jitsi Desktop you need to select a xmpp or sip server to install and configure and then you can use the app. It has nothing to do with the video conferencing solution jitsi-meet.