Jitsi webinar


does Jitsi support webinar or is there something I can add in the code to allow me to do a webinar ?


Can you give more details?

I would like to say that a webinar is the fact that one or two people make the meeting and the other people they can access via a link streaming as live on YouTube but is it possible already and secondly is that these people who participate via YouTube can they send messages via chat by apis maybe

What you can do is that visitors access a link where via iframeAPI you disable audio and video and hide any buttons you like to disable mute/unmute for those participants.

good idea,

but iframeAPI I can’t use it with my normal jitsi website, I can’t use both at the same time ?

You can use it with your deployment, you san source it from your deployment and use it with it.
And yes, you can use both at the same time, at the end its the same room, you are just accessing it in an iframe.

ok thank you i will try