Jitsi web periodically disconnecting


I’ve beeng using Jitsi frequently for more or less one year, always as I clint: someone of my local church group of friends creates the meetings group and send in Whatsapp the link.

For months everything has run fine: I click on the link, a window is open with the options about running on the app or inside a web browser, I click on the web browser option and enter the meeting with 0 problems.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for the last 2 times, all of them in this January. In the first case, I tried to enter in my web browser from withing my smartphone and I started facing frequent disconnecting and reconnecting, something like once each 1 minute. I though this was because that was the first time I was using it with 4G connection, so I didn’t pay too much attention. But later, I also tried to open it on a web browser, this time Google Chrome in my PC, and the same frequent disconnection problem appeared. I was only able to use the system from within the app.

So what is happening that since this January Jitsi have become so unstable when launched in a web browser? To help with debug, here are some error messages I got from the last occurrence within Google Chrome. I hope it helps:

As a new user, I was allowed to upload only one picture, so here is another one:

And here comes the last one:

Can you right click in that pannel and do save logs as the screenshots are not very helpful. Thank you and thanks for the reports.


Well, next time the problem occurrs, I’ll do it. Fortunately the last that time I used Jitsi in Chrome the problem didn’t return :slight_smile: