Jitsi Watermark update

I have installed Jitsi meet using docker in my server. I need to update the logo watermark.svg file. I tried DEFAULT_LOGO_URL: in “interfaceConfigOverwrite” array but noting changed, I also refered to old topic which said to copy file to change the image but noting helped. I dont have usr/share/jitismeet in my jitsi config folder. i also tried to update the docker-compose.yml file in web i tried to give volume for the image but noting helped. Anyone please help me on this to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

The location is /usr/share/jitsi-meet

Thanks for your reply, but i do know where to find this usr/share folder i dont have in my config folders also. Please let me know where i go wrong.

Please take a look at my config folder

Please help me out to find a solution to change the logo.

I am not familiar with docker. Do you not have that directory on the system?

Check if this helps: Cannot find 'usr/share/jitsi-meet' in Docker - #6 by 111166

Hey @Prashanth the above link helped me out to understand the filepath, now i have mounted the files as volumes into my local system. Thank you once again i figured it out.