Jitsi w/ Jetty on AWS


Hi All,

I’m trying to deploy an instance of Jitsi on an AWS EC2 box and am unsure where I am going wrong. I’ve had good success with Nginx as my web server prior. But am hoping to leverage the 443 only environment when using Jetty as we hope to use Jitsi in Schools to deliver Online mentoring.

Step 1
Configure and EC2 box with 80 & 443 ports open ( Do I need other ports here? UDP 1000 might be blocked in schools)

Step 2
Follow the instructions on https://jitsi.org/downloads/ . Seems to install fine. I also set up a letsencrypt cert.

Step 3
Now what? Do I need to do some configuring? On Nginx I could browse the website but I wonder if I need to do more with Jetty? I did find https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/http.md but am unsure if this is where I should be focusing my attention and the instructions are a tad vague.



If you have installed nginx before installing jitsi-meet, the installation will use nginx and will configure it and you will have nginx listening on port 443 and jvb listening on port 10000 udp and 4443 tcp.
If you want to install with jetty serving the web you need to install jitsi-meet on a machine where there is no nginx or apache installed. This way jetty will serve web content on port 443 and the same port can be used and for media.
The link with configuring http is for manual configuring the jetty. I would suggest using the auto configuration during install as there are other steps, like installing and configuring authbind to allow jvb user to bind to privileged ports (<1024).
Just a note here, using TCP for media is not optimal and will not deliver the best experience.


Hi Damian,

I hoped you’d reply. I did a fresh EC2 instance with just Jitsi Meet installed so I’m not concerned about Nginx causing any configuration issues. I am just using the apt-get method. Are there additional scripts to run to configure? I note the experience may be degraded but its an improvement over no experience when trying to reach through web filters & proxies.



Note: I also just spun up a local VM with Ubuntu 18/04 and didn’t have any luck there either. I don’t have a FQDN so I tried using a Local IP in the Meet setup process.


So what is the problem? With just an ip address you cannot use let’s encrypt, but other than that it should be working.


The problem is there’s no Web interface at the FQDN on the AWS EC2 box and the local VM doesnt have a webpage at its LAN IP.


After forwarding the port 443 you cannot open https://lanip or https://aws_dns ?
If that is the case go and check jvb logs (jetty is inside jvb) it seems it didn’t started.

By the way, just to be sure, to install jitsi-meet you are following: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md?


Can confirm that i’m following those instructions. Is there a preferred way to share logs here? I dont have file upload access.



This okay?


I just tested your deployment and it works just fine for me. I joined with 2 and 3 participants and there is video and audio.


Thanks Damian. I feel like the biggest muppet. I was going to http://jitsi.ebeacon.net.au/ instead of https://jitsi.ebeacon.net.au/ . Do you know if its possible to configure a redirect in Jetty similar to how LetsEncrypt/Certbot does for Nginx?



Nope, it needs coding and I have it in my todo list.


Ah Dang. Thanks again for your help. Back in my box.