Jitsi vs. Google Meet vs. Teams - WebRTC Packet Loss comparison

Been using Jitsi and 8x8 meet for a few weeks now. Love the product!

Was curious why Jitsi seems to have more packet loss than Google Meet or other WebRTC chrome clients like Microsoft Teams under poor internet (upload) conditions or with more than 6 users in a conference.

Curious of everyone here’s thoughts:

As far as I can tell, Jitsi and 8x8 run a vp8 codec. Google is using a combination of VP8 and VP9? While the codec can help with upload bandwidth, VP9 does seem to use more CPU. So is the codec the answer? Not sure what Microsoft teams is using.

Servers: Google and Microsoft clearly have the advantage here. But one would expect the 8x8 deployment to have multiple servers across the world given their VOIP infrastructure. It does seem to have slightly less packet loss than Jitsi, but still degrades with multiple users.

The real question is what magic are Google and Microsoft doing here? They have much more resources but is the SFU/Codec/Servers/Data Centers?


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