(Jitsi voice calls only) (server admin) How do I turn off video option for all users

My company doesn’t need us to necessarily video chat and so I want a option that will allow users to only do voice calls. Looking for some setting on server-side configurations that would allow me to turn off videos.
Is there an option?

Yes you can configure jitsi to start with video muted.

Thanks for pointing me the to the settings file. I set “startWithVideoMuted: true” and I still see the video option displayed in the meeting and I can unmute it to show my video. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.
I was looking for something different where the video icon shouldn’t be available in any meetings started on our server.

Is there an option for this?

You can hide the camera button by changing interface_config.js located in

users can still enable the camera by pressing V button on the keyboard.

preventing video from the users would require more deep modifications to the whole jitsi meets system to suite “one to many”
"one to many" conference configuration in server jvb component


Awesome. That worked for me.
Thanks @xranby

Is there any way I can control program this through api.
I want to provide start with video muted with checkbox. If checkbox is ticked the meeting will start with video muted.