Jitsi-videobridge2 UDP Port 10000 incorrectly listening on IPv6 (UDP6)

As was already asked a few times. It seems that jitsi-videobridge and jitsi-videobridge2 are both wrongly listening on UDP6 and are thus not reachable. E.g for SIP integration.

I do not quite understand yet where this behavior is configured. E.g there is a comment about disabling ip6 here https://github.com/jitsi/ice4j/blob/38e7b9226d6e1e790fe3b4ccacfeca64e9c2ed71/doc/configuration.md, but is this related ? If it is WHICH config file exactly (full-path) is to be udpated ?

A lot of the comments here mention keys, but it isn’t always clear where to set those.

I also tried disabling ip6 on ubuntu (18) to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It should be mentioned that this also happens in a pure quick install on a fresh ubuntu 18 image. Everything seems to work, but not using UDP port 10000 (using udp6 instead)

You’ll see “UDP6” listed as the protocol in netstat even when a socket
is bound on an IPv4 address. This is not the cause of any failures,
and disabling ipv6 will not fix anything.

You can see which addresses the bridge using by grepping for
‘Initialized AbstractUdpListener with address’ in its logs.

You can put configuration properties in


Interesting. After I disabled ip6 directly in Ubuntu without the config file and restarting Videobridge it listed as udp not udp6 anymore.

Even so the sip bridge did stop complaining now but voice from webrtc still does not pass through to sip clients. Only the other way through.