Jitsi-Videobridge with SIPCapture / HOMER / HEP support for RTCP stats?

Does the Jitsi-Videobridge or any of the underlying RTP stack have built-in support for the HOMER monitoring system / HEP protocol?

Many people are now using the HOMER software for capturing and analyzing this type of data across their site.

HEP is a very simple protocol for sending information from either the signalling or media stack to the HOMER capture server. HEP is defined here:

Here is how we integrated HEP into the reflow media library in reSIProcate:

Hey Daniel, we don’t have support for HEP or HOMER. We have an in-house thing based on Fippo’s rtcsstats, it collects webrtc stats on client and data from server(jvb), there are few things that are still being polished there.

I was talking with HOMER guys on FOSDEM as they were working on some initial client integration, but in the end we didn’t adopt anything due to priorities and the team went with the rtcstats approach later.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for asking this question. Here’s the original attempt perhaps @damencho was referring to: GitHub - lmangani/jitsi-hep: Experimental Jitsi Analytics handler for HEP Stack which was largely ignored.

This said this was a long ago, modern HEP Servers support WS/WSS input and can receive HEP directly from browsers which can also speak it easily with hep-js and emit whatever. During the last Fosdem we have demonstrated ways to collect statistics and signaling in a decentralized fashion as well as an extension which can embed rtc stats, console output and anything else for shipping using our tools to HOMER and its many backends of choice, in this case Loki which in my opinion is ideal for the task, providing logs search and timeseries at once. Pretty cool stuff ignored by most, but the few using it are definitely enjoying the benefits and the savings over other obsolete methods.

Feel free to bring the subject to the HOMER forums anytime.