Jitsi-videobridge configuration options (REST interface)


Hi there,

I’ve succesfully installed quite everything but i’m not able to make call videobridge REST api, even in localhost.
i’ve installed the full package (ubuntu 18.04) and everything works perfectly, but i’m still not able to make videobridge listening on defined port :confused:

I’m not fluent in java anyway but i tried to add parameters listed in https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/rest.md directly in the /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config file (in JAVA_SYS_PROPS) maybe i’m not doing it well ?

For the record i’ve added : -Dorg.jitsi.videobridge.rest.private.jetty.host=localhost and -Dorg.jitsi.videobridge.rest.private.jetty.port=XXXX

In documentation it says it should listen to port 8080 as private (localhost i suppose) but nothing there.

If you have any idea or need anymore informations :slight_smile:

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Have you enabled it in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config?
You need to add JVB_OPTS="--apis=rest"


Hi !
Thx for the answer (that was fast !), ok i forgot that, now that i’ve added it videobridge seems to listen to the right port, i’ve got an answer from Jetty Server :
curl -v http://localhost:5348/colibri/stats

  • Trying ::1…
  • connect to ::1 port 5348 failed: Connection refused
  • Trying…
  • Connected to localhost ( port 5348 (#0)

GET /colibri/stats HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:5348
User-Agent: curl/7.47.0
Accept: /

< HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable
< Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2019 12:25:51 GMT
< Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
< Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
< Content-Length: 0
< Server: Jetty(9.2.10.v20150310)

  • Connection #0 to host localhost left intact

But still have a 503, any advices ?
(and nothing in /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log file)

Ok after a few tries got /about/health and /about/version fully working.
But when i try to list all running conferences (/colibri/conferences) got empty array (and i’m actually running one), any more advice ?


Ok, i successfully added stats, no more 503, but a wide list of stats, but still no conference in list even if i do have some running, may i need to create the conference directly using the api ?

Ok, after some tests, i can’t have rest api running AND videobridge/jicofo running at the same time…
Well actually they are, but when i start the rest api jicofo is stuck at “Can not invite participant – no bridge available.”.


What about if you start with JVB_OPTS="–apis=rest,xmpp"?