Jitsi Video Meeting Database

I would like to say that it is impressive to see the community come up with new ideas.
I live in Montreal Canada.
My Product Request would be to create a Video meeting database(group).
It would be a database where many scheduled meeting can be submited on any topic that
people would like to discuss.
I will explain this through and example, I enjoy photography, so if I browse the video meeting database and I find a meeting is scheduled about photography in a couple of days I will reserve my place in this meeting and attend it when it starts.
So this Database can have many meetings with many topics.
Hope this Products Request gets chosen.
Regards Robert

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This sounds to me like a public calendar with events…

Greetings Damencho:
Thankyou for replying to my post.
Anyone can imagine it as they like to choose, it could be a Database, a calendar with events.
Which ever suits everyone, at least we can all look for topics that interest us to meet.
Stay Safe

I have looked around for that myself. If you thought about organizing the service?

Greetings Kloro2006:

I am not a developer.
But maybe someone has thought of this idea and has the expertise to create it.
Regards Robert

I would recommend looking at NextCloud. They have a nice bilt in calendar, and I believe you can make events on it public. So you setup NextCloud at a public URL like MyEvents(dot)com, then setup the calendar at MyEvents(dot)com/calendar and make the calendar public. On each calendar item, include a jitsi meet URL.

That’s just off the top of my head. There may be something better like https://gettogether.community, where again you set a meeting for a topic, and include the Jitsi meet URL you want. I like the idea though.