Jitsi Video Call on airport assistance

Hi, i’m new for jitsi but i have work to be done. actually we will place 4 unit self service kiosk (windows based) in the airport that have function to make video call to the customer service operator to help passanger if they need assistance. is it possible to use jitsi with our own GUI? since the kios number are 4 how the system work if all of them make video call at the same time but we only have 1 person dedicated for customer service to handle this. really appreciate for enlightenment

Hi and welcome!
There is no such functionality as calling, this is something that you need to implement in your app.
Jitsi-meet meet does just the video/audio part.
Kiosk on noisy place with speakers and mic maybe a big challenge for both parties to hear and be heard, just mentioning it :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for replying.

Anyway thats all i wanted to add in my own gui there is function to do video call to the CS, is it possible?

Ary Hamzah

What do you mean?

You just make the signalling for calling your way, and make sure you enter the caller in the room, sending the callee the link to enter when answering and that’s it.
There is some data you can put in the jwt to make the UI look li calling someone (callee information).