Jitsi Video Bridge - No Video / Audio through video bridge After Initial Installation (Ubuntu 18.04)


I recently installed Jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04, and I’m unable to get video and audio to route through the video bridge. As expected I can get two clients to work, but the transition of video / audio through the video bridge when you add the third + doesn’t happen properly. Any help or suggestions would be awesome.

Here’s what I’ve got configured currently:

I have TCP ports 80, 443, 4443 - 4446 and 10000 forwarded and have UDP port 10000 forwarded to Jitsi server. These are all forwarded to internal IP I have the hostname of the ubuntu installation set as the FQDN.

server {

  • listen 80;*
  • listen [::]:80;*


server {

  • listen 4444 ssl http2;*
  • listen [::]:4444 ssl http2;*

Note that the 4444 port is what nginx defaulted to, and appears to work ok.

sip-communicator.properties : Here’s what I have in the file

What works and doesn’t work:
I can view the main Jitsi webpage from both the internal network and world wide web. If I allow devices to do Peer 2 Peer, calls with only two users work fine. If I disable P2P, all calls lack video and audio, but the chat feature works.

I configured to android clients to disable Peer-to-Peer mode. I then joined a conference and captured the jvb.log. I’ve excluded the INFO lines. Here’s what logged under WARNING and SEVERE labels:
2020-04-16 16:31:25.961 WARNING: [31] [confId=aea619da3466629c epId=56241906 local_ufrag=e4u1n1e62lad47 gid=ff4747 conf_name=harris ufrag=e4u1n1e62lad47] Agent.gatherCandidates#674: No host harvesters available!
2020-04-16 16:31:25.962 WARNING: [31] [confId=aea619da3466629c epId=56241906 local_ufrag=e4u1n1e62lad47 gid=ff4747 conf_name=harris ufrag=e4u1n1e62lad47] Agent.gatherCandidates#683: Failed to gather any host candidates!

For the following SEVERE message, it repeats approximately every 10 seconds:
2020-04-16 16:31:34.936 SEVERE: [18] Health.doRun#300: Health check failed in 0ms:
java.lang.Exception: Failed to bind single-port

  • at org.jitsi.videobridge.health.Health.doCheck(Health.java:143)*
  • at org.jitsi.videobridge.health.Health.doRun(Health.java:266)*
  • at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.PeriodicRunnableWithObject.run(PeriodicRunnableWithObject.java:87)*
  • at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor.run(RecurringRunnableExecutor.java:216)*
  • at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor.runInThread(RecurringRunnableExecutor.java:292)*
  • at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor.access$000(RecurringRunnableExecutor.java:36)*
  • at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor$1.run(RecurringRunnableExecutor.java:328)*

I can provide additional logs / configs as needed. Suggestions are appreciated!

I have values after the equals sign for each of these; I just excluded from the post.

Per another thread on this forum, I performed a new install using Debian 10.3 instead of Ubuntu and followed the quick install guide verbatim.

Everything works as expected now. I suspect there is something in Ubuntu that’s breaking the video bridge.