Jitsi VC ideal connection remains active in HAProxy after call ended

We have observed that after the Jitsi VC connection remains active in HAProxy after the call / VC meetings ended., As a result, the max connection limit reaches and the Proxy server stops responding.

We need to restart the HAProxy service to make this work. After restarting the HAProxy service all the ideal connections gets terminated.

Please let us know, how we can terminate the ideal connection once VC is ended.

When the browser tab is closed all connections should be closed.
How do those clients end the call … ?

User some user close the browser tab and some by clicking on END call button

That’s interesting … is this chrome? We see websockets are closed when tab is closed … There is even a beacon send to set user unavailable just before closing … But also there should be timeout you can set on haproxy to drop inactive connections in few minutes …