Jitsi using NGINX sitting behind HaProxy


Just wanted to see if anyone has successfully set this up.

I want to set up blue green testing for Jitsi (temporary set up). I have HaProxy as my reverse proxy and Jitsi using NGINX on the other side.

I can’t seem to get the configurations down right between HaProxy and NGINX, I am realizing that the nature of Jitsi (http-bind) is adding quite an extra layer to this (I am also no wiz when it comes to NGINX).

Has anyone successfully been able to put HaProxy in front of Jitsi? Is it possible? Not recommended?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nate,
Take a look at this video for HaProxy use : https://jitsi.org/news/new-tutorial-video-scaling-jitsi-meet-in-the-cloud/



This is how meet.jit.si works today. HAProxy in front of jitsi-meet using nginx. HaProxy is used to forward the traffic to the correct shard based on the room parameter in the bosh connection.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. The video looks great and is exactly what I’m looking for. The video references another video that goes over the configurations of what they were describing. I couldn’t actually find that video.

I watched this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyGV4uW8km8&t=1173s but that was not it.

Know if there is a video that goes over the congiguration of HAproxy and NGINX with Jitsi?