[jitsi-users] XMPP account not working



Last week I registered on jit.si. The "New account successfully created."
I never received any confirmation of that account.
Until this morning I tried to add this XMPP account in the accounts-screen with all different account. That made Jitsi "hang".

This morning I updated Jitsi, the accounts-screen seems to no longer exist.

When I try to add the XMPP account to Jitsi (preferences > Accounts) now I get the message "Please complete the server part of your account." I had no idea what to do here.
So I registered a second time under another name in the hope to receive a confirmation and to be able to complete the server part of my account. But nothing. And adding this new account leads again to the message "Please complete the server part of your account."

For now I'm out of options...

Erwin Odendaal
Erwin Odendaal
"La Chapaudie"
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Hey Erwin,

Adding to what Damian said:

"Please complete the server part of your account."

This means that you created your account without entering your complete user name. In other words, you probably just entered something like:


rather than something like:


Hope this helps,


On 21.06.13, 12:31, Erwin Odendaal wrote: