[jitsi-users] XCAP + UTF8 Issue

Using Jitsi 2.2.4603.9615, under Windows XP (32) :

When adding / modifying a XCAP contact, Jitsi sends a PUT, properly declaring a UTF8 encoding in the header, but is sends non-utf8 characters.

As per RFC 4825, the openxcap server then replies with a 409 "conflict" error, and an error message "<not-well-formed><!--Input is not proper UTF8, indicate encoding! ...".

Jitsi then throuws an error "Server did not respond our request adding contact...", with a stack trace.

When comparing pcap traces of the GET and the following PUT for resource-lists, the server gives clean utf8 to Jitsi (GET),
but then Jitsi PUTs back the modified xml with some non utf8 encoded characters, despite declaring a "Content-Encoding: UTF-8".

Steps to reproduce:

Just connect to an XCAP server with contacts having special characters like ""éàèçü", making sure it's all declared in UTF8.
Then add or modify a contact.

GET_resource_lists.hex (61.4 KB)

java_trace.txt (2.01 KB)

PUT_resource_lists.hex (60.3 KB)