[jitsi-users] Windows Installer build crashing at startup


I have Jitsi compiling and running perfectly when I run "ant run".

I have my ant build-installation-wix build running perfectly as well. No errors. However when I run the installed x86 application on Windows 10 x64 it crashes as soon as the Splash screen starts up. I am using Eclipse btw.

I can get it to work by replacing 32bit Java in the apps /jre folder with 64bit. I can also get it to work by replacing my *.exe with the Jitsi.exe from the prebuilt windows installer on the Jitsi site. So it must be something to do with my compiled *.exe since that is the only thing that changes.

I have tried several different version of v7 JDK, MinGW, WiX, and Ant. Always the exact same result. At my wits end about now. Solved a wide assortment of problems to get this far. Runs beautifully with the "ant run" command. Just need to get it over the finish line now to get the windows installed version working.