[jitsi-users] Why low bandwidth, and what to do about it?

Hey , you never heard about censorship on Internet and on telecommunications built up by many govs and agencies ? i.e. china https://opennet.net/research/profiles/china but also other countries are not so bad about this :wink:
One solution is to setup a vpn and host it on your computer (personally I tried hosting xmpp,sip, and jitsi meet and worked great) and in case of deep packt inspection , you can use a software that obfuscate the connection and simulate an http connection.
You can tune up your video call parameters by setting properly audio/video codecs , and values of bitrate that will be a good trade off between bandwith and quality, i.e. video settings 320x240, both bitrate to 100 or 150. Try and fit on your own scenario.
Cheers – JackP