[jitsi-users] Weird problem unsolved? Call Send/Receive

Hi Sorry for english language but ok i'm going to try to find issue in
bad english. You ask me to re-send message in english

Thank Emil Ivov for answer that i found on the website not in my email
You say me that is a local problem but in my message i say too the
remote caller have the same problem (all my contact cannot have the same
s... right?) !!!
Plus i do nothing change and it was functionally before. I Add i found
on internet lots people who have the same error long time ago and their
thread show no resolve like i say you in my 1st message. That why i post
and i have more question about how to use lots of other server via this
link to see if the error go out:


there is no explanation about how to use, when i put one into parameter
jitsi ask about the password :confused: bref
Jitsi is the only one secure replacement for lots of other communication
tool but no realy explanation in expert mode for about who to use it
securely. that why i see in the break-prism website replacement jitsi by
skype but its not easy with this it is not reliable for the moment
whenever we try to use it with my friends it does not usually work and
they ask me they want to stop to use it to reuse skype reliability for
exemple. But i don't whant for prism program or Microsoft in rear spying.

But its not the realy subject for now, Emil if you ask me its a local
problem also please where or who i can ask my problem for solve it and
finaly be able to use Jitsi me and all my contact friend caller list?

Thank for follow Bil