[jitsi-users] WebCam & Connection problems: With 59.02.2 Firefox solved(?); capacity: jit.si for free use


Hi Boris,

due to compleely other reasons I had to reinstall Firefox and installed
a higher version, now 59.0.2 (Quantum).
I also deactivated all extensions and Plugins (which did not help before).

I did not test the entire connection but I get "my own picture" of my
webcam now which failed before.

Further results follow.

Other questions: I used meet.jit.si
I wonder if I could use this server for a session of four hours (paper &
pen role game session).
If everybody used this server this way would it not be boged down?
I ask myself if I should set up a server of my own although I am not
that experienced two minimize the load on meet.jit.si
If there is plenty of capacity I would like to stay with meet.jit.si
If you had to say: "Well, we come to the limits..." then I would try to
set up my server.