[jitsi-users] Voice / Video failing after upgrade to v2.6


dito. I am new to Jitsi, installed it yesterday on a Win7 HomePremium 32bit
as well as on a Win7 Ultimate 64bit OS. Audio and Chat works fine, but Video
crashes Jitsi on both sides as soon as the call is received.

I am like most people a "User only" and don't know anything about developing
or even adjusting programs. I simply want (and need) things to work, and
especially in all online issues, an environment, where I am very interested
that my privacy and the safety of my business as well as my personal data is
ensured. This is why I chose Jitsi: The very easy handling in combination
with the ZRTP encryption.

So don't get me wrong: What you guys have accomplished with Jitsi is
outstanding; thank you!. And I fully understand that the fix of such a bug
can take some time, in this case even a few weeks. What I just don't get:
You know about this problem for about three weeks now, so why is the buggy
version still available for Download as stable? A lot of users reported that
the previous version works fine, so why don't you just go a step back until
the bug is finally fixed?

Kind regards


I have the exact same experience..

After upgrade video/audio doesn't work..

Kind regards,

Mr. Birger Pedersen
Consultant, IT & Network Services

Eurogiro A/S

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Would I be better asking this on the dev mailing list?

It is not necessary, the developers are subscribed to this list as well.

Do you still see the same problem? There were problems with the default

STUN server used by Jitsi, and the logs are consistent with a failure
because of that (no server-reflexive candidates gathered, around 1.5 seconds
harvesting). However these are now fixed.


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I truly appreciate the work on Jitsi as it fills a critical niche. However, following the exchanges on this list, it is hard to undertand why a fix, which I thought I had read was discovered, has yet to be released. I have two students who need some video support and one updated to 2.6 on Windows which crashes when I call from Jitsi. Ironically I can call from Pidgin running in Linux and the other side has stable video and audio, but I get neither! (This is obviously not a solution, but an attempted quick work around.)

Is there an estimated date for a stable-stable release?

In the meantime has anyone found a nightly build that seems to be stable? The Windows 5408_x64 build seemed OK when I first tested it, but did not seem to be working today (neither sound nor video).