[jitsi-users] voice conferencing in the chat rooms - "talk" in a chat room ?



I was doing a prestudy on possibility of doing voice confernecing in the
chat room:
Reading the jabber howto that explains installation and setup of the jabberd


Is it possible to use jabberd to setup chat rooms with voice conferencing
support? I want the conference bridge to be remotely hosted ont he jabber
server and each jitsi is just a "text" + "voice" participant.
In the above howoto, whenever a reference to "talk during group chat" is
made, I guess either it either seems to be referring to "texting in a group
chat" OR "voice conferencing in a group with conf. bridge setup locally on
the jitsi client itsefl".

Can someone who has used jabberd + jitsi clarify the possibility of remote
voice conferencing in chat rooms. I myself doubt it as I interpret from the
above howto.