[jitsi-users] Videobridge


I am attempting to make an ios app that utilizes the jitsi videobridge. it is the first major step in a larger scale project. essentially i need to have XMPP (jabber) for users and chatrooms but i need to do video conferences.

I have the app to the point now where i connect, authenticate and establish chats and send/recv messages with my openfire server , i can establish a chat room and i can send and receive group chats to jitsi clients on mac and windows. Now i need to step up to video chat within it. This is where i am running into a wall. I can not find anything that really tells me how do do this. So, i am trying to study the jitsi app. I have the sourcecode building and running on my mac, however, i can not get eclipse debugger to run it, i cant eavesdrop on working session because they are encrypted and i cant find any further information on how to make this next step. Is there anyone that knows what i need to do to make this next step?

Peter Mycue