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Well, it must be jitsi.meet, which is web-enviromented, not the videobridge itself. And yes, the desktop client may be configured to autoanswer, BUT the previous stable version 2.8.5426 initiates a bridgecall with camera switched off by default, so do other participants. May be /me did smth. wrong)) Try ConferenceCall (without videobridge), it must fit your needs.

Hello. I was wondering if the jitsi videobridge server can be used to schedule a conference between 2 or more clients, and dial out to them (with the clients set to auto-answer of course) as a way of scheduling meetings.

Hi Aaron,

We don’t have such functionality. Given that conferences happen on a web environment, you can use any calendaring application to “schedule” your meeting, by adding a meeting URL to the event. The calendaring application will warn you about the meeting, together with the link on how to join. That’s mainly how we use it over here.



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