[jitsi-users] Very high memory consumption


I am also running the 64-bit version under Win7 and I can confirm that hovering the mouse over the contact list a few times pushes memory usage way up (in my case from about 280MB to 480MB). What is more, Jitsi does not release the memory before closing.

Would it therefore make sense to install the 32-bit instead (if that is even possible on the Win7 x64 OS)


Yet another clue regarding this dramatic memory leak.
I observed the memory climb like crazy when I just hover over a selected
contact's call buttons and the contact list window in general. Memory
climbed to almost 1 gigabyte.
This seems to be a problem with the x64 version. On a 2GB machine, the
32 bit version (the same 4807 build) doesn't seem to be affected by this.
The 32 bit runs on Win2008 x86, I'm running the x64 on Win7 x64.