[jitsi-users] Very high memory consumption


Hi, using the latest nightly 4807 but it was true for the stable I believe.

After few audio calls the memory Jitsi consumes becomes a real issue.
See the screenshot.

6-800MB (and not being reduced after the calls) is nothing but a tremendous memory leak or something, after less than a hour and 10-15 test calls. Needless to say this trashes caches and severely limits the free physical memory for main applications.
This, combined with the problems with the sound is really making Jitsi a no-go for me, it's just way too much. I was eager to give it a chance for 3 days now, constantly testing and giving myself reasons to like it, even when the stable was at 350MB with few light calls.
How is that possible Trillian (which has its drawbacks) can do better job with audio calls through skype with only 20MB of RAM combined all the time, and Jitsi can't do it with 40 times the RAM of the former?!
The stable didn't work for me because of the devastating stuttering issues with audio calls, the latest nightlies work around the problem with the sound but now the memory issue is the problem which until fixed unfortunately means deinstalling Jitsi.
I had strong intentions to ditch skype and all proprietaries... and Jitsi was the only client that gave me some hope.
I lost 3 days (and nights) fighting the piece of software in the hope it would work Ok finally, but I lost hope - I still get proprietary softwares to work in less than 5 minutes, and I forget them.
Still... please could you shed more light about this memory leak, if it is such.