[jitsi-users] Using different nicknames, double messages in chatrooms


I just started using Jitsi, and it works nice, but I have two questions.

1. For example, I want to visit two chatrooms using different nicknames. By default, when I rightclick a chatroom and choosse "Join as..." it offers me to use my JID as a nickname. Wenn I will enter conferences automatically as I login into my account, what nickname will be used - my last used or default (JID). Is there any way to remember, what nickname was used last time, or do I need to type it manually every time I join jabber conference?

2. In jabber conferece, when I send a message, it appears twice - one time with my nickname, one time with my full JID. Like this:

xxx at 01:06:07
What is it?
yyy (me)@jabber.ru at 01:07:36
This is Jitsi
yyy at 01:07:38
  This is Jitsi

This is only for me, other member see normally one message. But it makes a problem, when I need to give part of a log to somebody, who I don't want to see my real JID. Is there any way to fix the problem?

Thank you.