[jitsi-users] User's Tracks Removed After Different Used Kicked Out


The scenario I have is:

   - User A creates conference
   - User B joins conference
   - User A dials the Jigasi Transcriber
   - User A ends transcription by kicking out the Transcriber user
   - Transcriber leaves
   - Everything is working correctly, but then after few seconds, both
   users get a "SdpSimulcast: using 3 layers" message in the Javascript
   console and then both User A and User B get a remote track removed event
   for the other user's tracks.
   - User A almost immediately gets a remote track added event for User B's
   track being re-added to the conference and therefore as far as User A is
   concerned, everything is working correctly.
   - User B never gets a remote track added event for User A's tracks and
   therefore can no longer see/hear User A

Is the transcriber leaving causing User A and B to connect directly to each
other rather than going through the server? Is that somehow causing this
problem? This whole test is being run with all the users on a single
machine so it can't be any sort of NAT issues. Could it be related to
Simulcast? I tried disabling Simulcast using the "disableSimulcast: true"
config flag, but I still see the "SdpSimulcast: using 3 layers" message.