[jitsi-users] users Digest, Vol 5, Issue 64


Thanks a lot Ingo; I think we are getting somewhere.

1) Audio
note that I can hear the other person well; and he me. I also played
with changing from WASAPI to PortAudio. As to the testsound for the mic:
my version does not give me an option for that (only Audio Out; see

2) this brings to the "rogue server". We ARE hearing each
other well (sometimes with a little echo, that's all) but the secure
button stays red. What could be an issue is the location of the other
party; namely Moscow / Russia. I wouldn't rule rogue servers in that




Alright then.

Attached find the log covering the last call with

"call not secure"

message. It is rather verbose, I'm afraid :slight_smile:

log shows problems with the audio system. Please make sure that you can
hear the test sound and see the level bar moving for the mic when you go
to Tools->Options->Audio.

You might also try switching the AudioSystem
to PortAudio if it doesn't work with WASAPI.




I'd like to rephrase my question in order to narrow down on this

Here it is:

quote Is there anything in the

configuration of Jitsi that must

absolutely be done at both ends

(caller and receiver) so that a call

will be secure? unquote

No. By
default ZRTP is enabled as an encryption protocol both for SIP and XMPP.
If ZRTP negotiation doesn't succeed, then it is likely that a normal
audio-connection also doesn't work as the media transport between the
two clients cannot be established.
If a call between two ZRTP capable
clients stays unencrypted AND you hear each other, the only thing that
comes to mind is a "rogue" server in between the two clients that blocks
ZRTP packets (e.g. for SIP an Asterisk server that does codec