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Yeah, sorry - that message was a repetition, probably on queue from old submission.

Still, we almost gave up on jitsi. We did not find a way to have it run a talk/video.

SIP never showed the partners as available, and even XMPP did not work out:

Registered as XMPP with gmail account (enabling third party applications), we get online and available, we can chat, but when we try to call we get "ICE failed or no relay found” (this on either side).

We tried from different netwoerks, probably with different router configurations.. So we feel pretty embarrassed… any help appreciated.

thanks, Fabrizio


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Jitsi only supports SIP & XMPP
Not IAX, entirely different protocol.

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Subject: [jitsi-users] IAX?

Dear Users, a simple question for which I could not find a clear answer.

I am trying to use Jitsi as a skype replacement with collegues - from behind NATs.
What is the proper identity/protocol to be used? In particular I am having difficulties:

- AIM login does not go through (invalid password even though it is the correct one)

- After registering a SIP identity (onsip.com<http://onsip.com>), I can get online but no calls can be answered, only chat works. (this is consistent with SIP not working behind NAT).

So - maybe IAX does work in jitsi? What is the proper identity or way to register for it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(And of course let me express my admiration for the great piece of software that Jitsi is.)